Whilst originally initiated in England competitive men's badminton in Europe has traditionally been dominated by Denmark, however Asian nations   have been the most dominant   at the world level with the BWF now relocated in Kuala Lumpur .

Nowadays all new racquets come pre-strung at the manufacturers recommended tension level which is normally suitable for most type of player, however recreational players generally string at lower tension than the professionals.

Badminton racquets can be re-strung to a specific requirement to suit your technique but are generally strung at a tension of between 18lb and 30lb.

Selecting your racquet tension can be a bit of a balancing act - Low tension causes the shuttlecock to spring off the racquet at a greater speed therefore providing more power - Racquets strung at a higher tension give greater control enabling a greater emphasis on direction.  

Different than other racquets, badminton racquets have their own stringing pattern depending on the make and model of the racquet. Thankfully, if a string breaks in practice or during a match there is no need to throw the racquet away, it is not always essential to restring the whole racquet, there may be occasions Racquet Stringing Services can replace just a couple of strings.

" To avoid unnecessary breakage of strings you should always warm up the strings before you play. Rubbing a towel over both sides of the string for 30 seconds can do this for you ".

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